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COCH is highly-compatible account system based on blockchains, first cross-chain account having full control and ownership. COCH can be used as a digital assets collection account, and account for accessing general Internet services.

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Unique domain as address

All COCH accounts end in ``.bit``, such as ``hi.bit``, ``こんにちは.bit`` and ``🚀🌕.bit``. Each COCH account is unique, duplicate names cannot be registered.

Compatible with all Public Chains

You can register and manage COCH using any public chain's private key, or even email; COCH accounts can be transferred between any public chain's addresses.


You can register a COCH account without permission. After registration, you will be the one and only person who has full control over the account.

Three Steps to buy your first domain

Step 1: Connect your crypto wallet

Just choose a wallet to connect, make sure you have crypto balance value >10 USDT to pay domain purchase cost

Step 2: Search and buy

Input the name your want in the search bar to find out availability, if still available to register, buy and pay for it asap before anybody take it.

Step 3: Use your domain

In page ``my`` and COCH records section, click ``mange`` to add new record, input your wallet address and authorize transaction, now your domain can accept crypto transferred from others.

















We Prioritize user experience

We target best user experience, COCH accounts can be transferred between any public chain’s addresses

Protected Infrastructure

CCSS Compliance

Fast Customer Support

Crypto & Fiat payment

Get rich through NFT

Domain you registered actually is a NFT asset like property. Don not only register your own domain, but also buy any domain with potential big demand in future, Invest in advance then just wait for the domain price increased to your target for sale. Earn biggest crypto fortune now!

Perfect investment with high ROI

NO need hardworking in office

Asset work for smart guys like you


Help Center

Getting started with COCH is easy. But for those of you who are a bit unsure, we have plenty of instructional posts and helpful hints on how to manage assets in a safe & smart way.
Is COCH a domain name or an account?

COCH is not a domain, it is an account system. COCH provides a symbolic naming system ending in .bit , which any type of data can be associated with. We always need a suffix to recognize some kind of things, such as file type, email address, domain name etc. So, even if COCH account has a suffix(.bit) makes COCH likes TLD(Top Level Domain), but it is not.

Is COCH decentralized?

Yes! COCH is Decentralized Account System that runs on the Nervos CKB, a PoW permissionless chain with a highly open architecture.

What public chain addresses can I use to register for a COCH account?

Currently, COCH accounts can be registered using ETH / TRX / BSC / Polygon addresses. To register, visit and login with your MetaMask/TronLink or any wallets that support ETH / TRX / BSC / Polygon .
COCH can be registered using any public chain address (how?) The COCH team is in the process of deploying more public chain signature algorithms to the Nervos CKB to support more public chain addresses for COCH registration.

Why are COCH accounts being charged annually, not one-time purchase for permanent use?

We don’t think a one-time purchase for permanent use as a reasonable economic model, which include the following problems:

  1. 1.
    COCH as an infrastructure needs continuous improvement by the developers. There are COCH accounts that more desired than others, and when those desired COCH accounts are purchased out, the COCH system will no longer generate revenue and the existing development team will have no incentive to continuously improve the system or attract new developers to maintain the system. It may sound attractive to buy once and use forever, but the user is actually buying an account that will not be maintained in the future.
  2. 2.
    Loss of private key, etc. will cause permanent lock of an COCH accounts. This is a waste of a limited public resource like COCH.
What is the storage deposit?

The data for each COCH account is stored on the Nervos CKB blockchain, and storing the data requires storage space, which requires pledged tokens (CKB) to be used. When an COCH account is reclaimed on expiry date, the corresponding storage space is released and the pledged tokens are returned to the account owner.
A one-time storage deposit is charged at the time of registration, and no additional deposit is required no matter how many parsing records will be added during the usage.
The COCH smart contract runs on the Nervos CKB, the storage deposit will be refunded in the form of CKB.

Why is it possible to register DAS accounts with different public chain addresses? Is it a centralized solution?

This is what makes COCH unique beyond other decentralized domain/account systems. You can register a COCH account with all public chain addresses, or even register/hold/manage a COCH account using an email address. And, technically, it is completely decentralized, without the need to trust any centralized organization.
This is made possible by the Nervos CKB public chain on which COCH relies, for technical details see

Will the fees paid for failed registrations be refunded?

Yes, fees will be refunded. How and when it will be refunded depends on the registrar you are using.

What happens after my account expires?

After the COCH account expiration time, it will enter a 30-day protection period. If you renew your COCH account during the protection period, you will still have the account. If the COCH account is not renewed within the protection period, the COCH account will enter a 7-day reduced price auction period and the first bidder will get the account. After the auction period ends and no bids are placed, the account will become publicly available for registration at a price determined by the number of characters in the account.


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All COCH accounts end in “.bit”. Each COCH account is unique, as duplicate names cannot be registered.

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