1,Open Metamask

   2,Click this 3 Line button

   3,Go to Browser

   4,Search ‘coch.io’

   5,Click Register

   6,Connect Wallet

   7,Choose Your Chain

(ETH as example, other chains also same step)

   8,See, Wallet connected

   9,Search name to Register

   10,Check Details & Register


   11,Select Payment & Pay

   12,Confirm payment

   13,Wait all automatically done

(Will turned green checked automatically)

   14,Done,click View Account

   15,Click Manage

   16,Add New Record

   17,Choose “address” in list

   18,Choose from which Chain & input Crypto Address

(your address will be listed after click save button)

   19,Domain valid after 1 hour

You don't have permission to register