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How to Add a Bank Account to My Wallet?

To transfer USD on CoinCredit, you must add a USD bank account to your Wallet. You can do this in a few steps.

  1. First, go to My Wallet > USD > Deposit in the web app or follow this link.

Note: currently, the feature is available on the web platform only. It will arrive in the mobile app with subsequent updates.

  1. The following form to fill out will appear.

CoinCredit Platform USDC Deposit

Let’s see what each field means.




Bank Name

The official name of your bank.

Bank of America

JPMorgan Chase

Bank Country

The country where your bank operates.

United States

United Kingdom

Full Name

Your full name.

Note: Ensure this field exactly matches the name associated with your bank account. Otherwise, the transfer won’t be executed.

Louis Garcia

Chloe Davis

Billing Country

The country you reside in.

United States

United Kingdom

Billing Address Line

The same address as the one on the bank statement.

Note: Don’t add your city name or a ZIP code – you’ll have to put them in other fields.

123 Main Street, Unit 21

55 Sylvan Boulevard, Room 108

Billing City

The city associated with your billing and mentioned in the bank statement.

San Francisco


Billing ZIP (Postal Code)

ZIP code associated with your billing and mentioned in the bank statement.



Routing Number

A 9-digit identification number, used by financial institutions to identify where a bank account is located.

The field shows up automatically if you choose the USA as the bank country. If you don’t know where to find your routing number, here’s a quick guide to help.

Note: For US bank accounts – make sure you are entering a routing number for a wire transfer, not for ACH (automated clearing house payment systems). You can check the correctness of your routing number here.


  1. Enter all the required information and check if everything is correct.

  2. Hit the Add New Bank Account button.

Now you can deposit USD with your bank account*. To find out how to do that, please refer to this article.

Note: Please use an individual bank account only. If you want to make a deposit through a corporate bank account, upgrade your CoinCredit account to a corporate one by contacting or filling in the Corporate Onboarding Application.

*Your wire transfer will be converted to USDC stablecoins at a 1-to-1 ratio and credited to your CoinCredit Wallet.

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