1. General Provision

1.1.  The Privacy Policy of the COCH.IO Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) for User and or all Prospective Beneficiaries in relation to the Personal Data provided to COCH.IO as Facilitator

1.2.  COCH.IO is very concerned about the protection and confidentiality of the User and Prospective Users Information. Prospective Users can view most of the Services page without informing them of any information.

However, to get the services of COCH.IO the Prospective User is obliged to provide some information specified in this Policy.

1.3.  Information on Prospective Users received by COCH.IO is used solely for the purpose of Personal Data Verification and specify the ranking of data that is used to inform the User

1.4.  By visiting the Website and, so COCH.IO by Now :

Giving permission by the User to Contact you through the telephone number and or Electronic Mail address you enter to provide information to the User of a Potential Service that has passed the verification process;

Verifies the data of the Beneficiary either through a telephone number and or electronic mail;

2. Information

Below is information about customers who must be equipped to process the Customer Service application:

The Information which COCH.IO get through the online forms Web sites including but not limited to personal information, business activities / work, financial statement of the User including, but not limited to, Number of Legal Identity Cards from Prospective Users;

The Communication which you do when you call our COCH.IO Call Center it will be monitored and recorded in the system; Transaction Information included about your data balance;

Information from third parties whose credibility is not in doubt such as data reference agencies and customer service providers regarding eligibility and data history;

The Information has been collected when you used the Web Site, so the COCH.IO use to identify you with purpose:

For COCH.IO business purposes in general for example to verify your identity and data which will be presented to the User;

To prevent possible use of Fake Data;

To contact User and or Prospective Beneficiaries to improve the services provided by COCH.IO as a Facilitator in running his business

To make a statistical analysis with the aim to estimate the risk of the service.

To assist the User obtain the funds when you as the User do not meet the provisions of the Agreement;

To notify you related for service changes from COCH.IO Side;

To be given related for User Data to the Third Party as long appropriate with corridor of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia

3.Storage and Process Your Personal Data

All Personal Data provided by you to COCH.IO will be stored well within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;

That COCH.IO always attempt to protect your personal data by using rigorous procedures and mortality features to prevent irresponsible access, but COCH.IO cannot guarantee the security of your data, since sending information

over the internet becomes your sole responsibility.

COCH.IO is always make an improvement for security system on a regular basis that aims to protect Personal Data that you have provided to COCH.IO, and therefore COCH.IO will ensure COCH.IO’s security mechanisms keep up with the internet world. And for that COCH.IO is obey to Data protection law in Indonesia.

4. Information Protection

You have the right to ask COCH.IO how the process of personal data is used for marketing purposes.

Opening Your Information may disclose your personal information to COCH.IO subcontractors, agents, service providers, users and members of the COCH.IO group of companies for the purpose of providing some services for you only for verification purposes. It may concern the following information as below :

COCH.IO never and will never sell COCH.IO client data to any unauthorized parties because COCH.IO upholds the privacy of COCH.IO’s clients.

COCH.IO opens and uses your data only for verification purposes;

If you give COCH.IO incorrect and inaccurate information and  or COCH.IO suspect there is fraud, so COCH.IO may record it in your data history and may share that information with the appropriate legal entity or the authorities and  or the fraud prevention agency.

5. Changes to the COCH.IO Privacy Policy

Any changes COCH.IO make in the COCH.IO privacy policy will be posted on this page, if necessary, and notified to you by E-mail.

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